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HomeTunnel Use Cases

Scenario: You are at work and your girlfriend is calling to ask you go to the movies the same evening. You both decide to meet at home and your task is now to get the tickets.
During lunch break, you buy the tickets online with your Android phone (as you are not allowed to use the company computer for private purposes). Alas, the cinema does only support to display the ticket online and you have to print it. Obviously, they assume that you do this at home from a PC but now you do not have a printer at your disposal. So what now?

You start your HomeTunnel VPN and print the ticket on your own printer that is attached to your home network. When you come home, the tickets are ready for you to pick up.
Scenario 1: Imagine you are at a friend's house and you talk about your last vacation. You have taken lots of great pictures, but since you did that with your SLR camera those pictures are neither on your iPhone nor in the cloud, but stored on your NAS at home. How do you access them?

You activate your HomeTunnel VPN and use your iPhone browser to access the web interface of your NAS to access the picture files and show them to your friend.

Scenario 2: You meet your tax accountant at his office and he needs a copy of a bill that is missing. You know that a scan of the document is stored on your home NAS.

You start your HomeTunnel VPN, browse to the NAS web interface, load the scanned PDF and send it via E-Mail to your accountant. You could do the same thing if he calls you while you are on vacation in Hawaii.
Scenario: You are at work on the day for the final round of the playoffs. Your team will be playing this evening but your boss asks you to stay late in order to get an offer ready that is due tomorrow. The game starts at 7:00pm and you will not be home by then. You have a set-top-box at home that can be programmed with an app on your iPhone, but only via WiFi.

Fire up your HomeTunnel VPN and use the app to program your set-top-box. Since you have VPN connectivity, the app works like at your home WLAN and you can program the box to record the broadcast for later viewing.
Scenario: You are working abroad and want to watch your usual Netflix videos like at home. However, using the WiFi in your hotel, you will get assigned a local IP, so your program portfolio is limited to the videos available in that foreign country.

Start your HomeTunnel VPN to connect to Netflix via your own IP. Thus, you can enjoy your customary programs like if you had never left home.
Scenario: You acquired a webcam. You always wanted to have the ability to take a peek into your living room when you are on the move, but you did not want to open up your router for remote access like the manual tells you to for security considerations.

Now, you can easily access the web interface of your webcam using your HomeTunnel VPN.
Scenario: You acquired that intelligent climate control system that can be controlled using an app on your Android tablet. You could save even more if the time to turn the cooling or heating on was not fixed but could be controlled exactly when you know when you will drive home from work.

Simple: Start your HomeTunnel VPN and use the app from your Android phone to cool your flat down before you start your home commute.
Scenario: You have a PC at home that can be controlled via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). You want to use it from outside your LAN.

Start your HomeTunnel VPN and use an app (look for "remote desktop" in your app store) or PC Software (MSTSC.EXE, RealVNC, TightVNC or equivalent) to control your PC from remote. If your PC is off, you can even power it on from remote via Wake-On-LAN.